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Press Release: We've Partnered with Clockworks Analytics

We’re excited to announce that our Colorado Building Automation team has partnered with Clockworks Analytics, the leading provider of building analytics software!

Clockworks Analytics was founded in 2010 within MIT’s Building Science Department to bring massive positive impact to the built environment. Their driving goal is to change the way buildings operate and are maintained with cutting-edge Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology that proactively identifies maintenance priorities, building health issues, and energy saving opportunities.

Building Analytics flips traditional, reactive maintenance on its head by generating proactive insights that allow you to get ahead of potential problems or failures. The software plugs into your existing building automation and metering systems, analyzes thousands of data points, and prioritizes issues based on cost and performance so your team can focus on the highest-impact activities. Essentially, Clockworks is like having a team of engineers constantly reviewing your building automation systems to find and diagnose performance issues and optimization opportunities.

For an in-depth look at the importance and benefits of Analytics for your building’s performance, particularly  software with FDD capabilities, you can view Clockworks’ Building Analytics Guide here.

You can also learn more about the features of LONG Analytics services, including diagnostics, avoidable costs, and the customizable user interface, by clicking the links.

Backed by this state-of-the-art software and the expertise from Clockworks, LONG’s Building Automation service agreements can ensure your building operates more efficiently than ever, all while saving you money. For questions about Clockworks or Building Analytics, contact LONG today.

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