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LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is one of the largest building integrators in the Western U.S., providing products and services in Building Automation, HVAC Equipment, Mechanical Service, Security Solutions, and Parts. We boast hundreds of employees across eight states: Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, but we are best defined by the way we treat our customers - the heart of our business.

The LONG Three C’s 

Every aspect of our business revolves around the LONG Three C’s – Customer, Co-worker, Company. It’s our business philosophy that doing what is best for Customers and our Co-workers will result in the utmost success for the Company. After over 50 years, this still holds true. 

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Truly Open Systems

Our customer commitment can be seen throughout our business in many ways. One of the most notable is our unwavering commitment to open systems. We believe that holding customers’ systems hostage by purposely installing proprietary equipment is simply wrong. We have taken bold steps toward cutting edge, innovative solutions that assure our customers have freedom over who they select as a service provider. Our customers have options, and they choose LONG because we care about their business and partner with them to tackle their specific concerns in a way that satisfies both their needs and their budget.


LONG leaders work collaboratively to bring the strategic vision of the company to life. They are more than just managers - they are industry experts, mentors, and advocates. They view each day as an opportunity to do better than the last and work diligently to ensure every customer's needs are met and every team is fully supported. These folks live and breath LONG's culture and values. We are proud to introduce you to the LONG Leadership Team.

Jeff Long

President & CEO

Pandora Dyer

Vice President - Finance

Jennifer Beckman

HR Director


In the fall of 1965, fresh out of a position with Trane, a young Wills Long set out to start his own business as a manufacturer’s representative of HVAC equipment – Long Company. Armed with a small loan, the company started with humble beginnings. In fact, LONG’s very first office was in the basement of the Long’s family home in Colorado.

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