Company History

In the fall of 1965, fresh out of a position with Trane, a young Wills Long set out to start his own business as a manufacturer’s representative of HVAC equipment – Long Company. Armed with a small loan, the company started with humble beginnings. In fact, LONG’s very first office was in the basement of the Long’s family home in Colorado.

I decided to strike out on my own. I had zero money…I had no assets, only an idea and courage.
- Wills Long

Some of LONG’s original product lines included long-term partners, like McQuay (now a Daikin company) and Ruskin, who we still do business with today.

By 1968, Will’s success had drawn the attention of others in the market, and he struck up a partnership with industry veteran Hank Demming, forming the Long-Demming Company. The pair branched out from Colorado, opening an office in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Utah branch’s first official project was the LDS Office Building.

Hank Demming decided to retire in 1973, which prompted Long-Demming Company to become Long & Associates. Around the same time, the company hired entrepreneurial spirit - Ed Resavage. In an effort to provide more well-rounded customer offerings, Wills started a service unit of the business, primarily for start-up and warranty service.

He capped off the 70’s by striking a ground breaking deal with Ed Hunt as Pace Co. – selling their line of custom air handlers. This partnership set a new standard for the Western U.S. market for more than two decades.

Despite a slump in the economy in the 1980’s, LONG continued its history of strategic growth. In 1983 a young and ambitious Mark Balent joined the company’s Equipment Sales team, and in 1986 the company moved into its third state, adding an office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 1989 Long & Associates welcomed a much-anticipated member of the team – Wills’ son, Jeff Long. At the time, the budding company housed a total of 27 employees.

The 90’s marked a decided decade of growth and progress for the company. In 1991 Long & Associates purchased Winner and Associates and became a Barber-Colman representative. But one of the biggest shifts of the decade came in 1992 when after 27 years at the helm Wills Long retired, appointing Ed Resavage President and Mark Balent and Jeff Long Executive Vice Presidents of the company.

This leadership trio hit the ground running to continue to build on Wills’ legacy of success. In 1994 the company opened a new branch office in Colorado Springs, CO and was granted exclusive representation rights of Siebe Environmental Controls product lines (formerly Barber-Colman and Robert Shaw) in Colorado and Wyoming.

With this new-found stake in Wyoming, LONG team member Dusty Johnson worked hard to convince the company of the budding opportunity in the region and asked to head up an office in Casper. After much deliberation, the Casper, Wyoming office was established in 1997 and flourished under Dusty’s leadership, quickly growing to a multi-million-dollar sector of the company.

Later that same year, LONG adopted the Niagara Framework, becoming the second Tridium Systems Integrator in the world. This clearly marked the company’s intent to offer customers the most innovative products on the market – a value that stills holds true today.

Seeing the need to provide even further coverage throughout the company’s home state of Colorado, the Grand Junction office was established in 1998.

Remember that young, ambitious gentleman who joined the team back in 1984? Well, in 2000 he became President of the company. Ed Resavage decided to retire that year, turning the reigns over to Mark Balent to continue the LONG vision. Mark helped define that vision in 2001 with a company name change to the moniker you know today - LONG Building Technologies, Inc.

Keeping pace with his predecessors, Mark wasted no time continuing a strategic plan to grow and develop the company for success. In 2002 LONG purchased Certified Service Company, Inc. (CSI) in Las Vegas, NV, and the following year purchased AA Maycock in Utah – adding several key personnel and products to the branches in those states.

Having identified a need in the market, LONG opened a security business unit in 2008, making LONG one of the only providers in the Western U.S. to grant customers access to experts in building automation, HVAC equipment, mechanical service, parts and security – all in one place.

New decade, new digs. In 2010 all Denver operations were moved to a new Corporate Headquarters in Littleton, Colorado. The 50,000 square foot building houses all of LONG’s corporate support teams (Accounting, Admin, HR, IT and Marketing), as well as its main parts warehouse distribution center, in addition to its core business units. The company put its money where its mouth is with this move – using its expertise in efficiency to create a high functioning LEED Certified space for multiple business uses.

2014 was an incredible year for LONG. In a huge win for all companies involved, LONG purchased both CCI Automated Technologies, Inc., with offices in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Big Horn Energy, with an office in Cody, WY. This acquisition was the largest in the company’s history – nearly doubling its employee base and territory.

While acquisitions can often be daunting, LONG made it a point to retain the staff at both companies and made significant, forward investments to ensure the spread of positive LONG culture and success throughout the new communities being served.

It was a bitter sweet year for LONG in 2015. The company celebrated its 50th Anniversary in style, with huge customer, co-worker and partner celebrations in every office. It was, however, the same year Dusty Johnson announced his retirement, but he did not leave LONG empty handed. Dusty helped bring on industry leader Mike Brown to head LONG’s efforts in Wyoming as the Vice President of the region.

In 2016, Mike took major steps to build on Dusty’s legacy of success by compiling a skilled team of industry veterans to open a brand-new office in Billings, Montana, which is off to a great start.

So far this year, LONG bid farewell another key team member, with the retirement of Utah’s VP, Doug Wilkinson, but has acquired some amazing new leadership as well. Doug was instrumental in helping LONG select the successful leadership of industry veteran Paul Christiansen to head up the Utah team moving forward. The company was equally excited to welcome Craig Engelbrecht to head up all operations in the Washington region.