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Data Centers are highly complex systems. They require a specific set of custom solutions to manage critical equipment for precision cooling. Which is why we combine the best in Building Automation, HVAC Equipment, HVAC Service, Security Solutions and Parts to provide one solution for maximum building performance that meets your needs. 

The LONG Difference

From critical cooling system design to project management and facility maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team of professionals can develop a completely customized solution to meet your specifications and ensure 100% uptime for your facility by combining the best in the building technology industry. 


Precision Cooling Equipment Sales Engineers

24/7 Support

Technicians are dedicated to you 24/7.


Building Automation Controls Engineers & Programmers


Tech Support & Field Service Technicians

HVAC Equipment

Our staff of professional sales engineers work to find the optimal solution for your project's design and equipment selection alongside project managers to take care of all our customer's needs. From budgeting & financing options to on-going support LONG is here to help. We provide the most well-rounded customer focused equipment solutions, from the start of a project through the life cycle of the building. 

Building Automation

Before your project breaks ground through the life of your building, our team is there to help you plan, executive and maintain your facility. The LONG team includes Building Automation Controls Engineers, programmers and in-house electricians, providing expert installation and ensuring efficient, high performance building systems with LONGevity. 


Security Solutions

Protecting building and occupants from harm is your top priority – and ours. LONG offers AV Design to allow for improved comprehension and retention as well as collaborative conferencing, and responsive control centers. Our team can design all aspects of your security systems to provide the safest, most secure building environments.

HVAC Service

Putting comfort and the health of your building occupants first. Our team partners with you to create extraordinary mechanical solutions, as unique as your building's needs. With emergency service, our team is here when you need us, day or night. 

Data Center HVAC Solutions

The electric power consumed to manage our digital dependency is growing, and so is the resulting by-product: heat. HVAC engineers are tasked with selecting mechanical systems that strike a balance between high reliability and low life-cycle cost. In addition engineers are now seeking solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with data center operations. Some of LONG's HVAC Equipment Solutions include:

  • Air-Cooled Chillers
  • Water-Cooled Chillers
  • Fully Custom AHUs and EC Fan Arrays
  • Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling Units
  • Premium Efficiency Packaged D/X with Economization
  • Modular Data Center Solutions
  • Custom Humidification
  • Custom D/X Split Systems

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