Introducing Impact-Driven Service

With breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, LONG now has the technology to deliver the preeminent controls service you’ve always wanted. Impact Driven-Service provides continuous monitoring of your building systems. Powered by Clockworks Analytics, it acts as a 24/7 senior controls technician for your building, focusing on the complex issues that will yield the highest impact on what matters most: energy, comfort, cost, and longevity.

Monthly virtual consultation with LONG and semi-annual maintenance site visits

Monthly virtual consultation

Generate root-cause diagnostics into actionable insights, easily prioritized by comfort, energy performance, maintenance, or avoidable costs.

generate diagnostics for energy performance

24/7/365 monitoring ensures your facilities are always operating at peak performance

24/7/365 monitoring

Client dashboard provides real-time access to building performance

Client dashboard

Pinpoints the most important issues, like break-fix work

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Detects equipment faults and inefficiencies, and tracks their avoidable costs

Detects equipment faults and inefficiencies

Tracks equipment fixes and their associated cost savings

Tracks equipment fixes and their associated cost savings

Automatically provides energy use information (KPIs) for equipment and/or systems

energy use information (KPIs)

Built-in task management allows you to manage and assign work orders to internal staff or 3rd party contractors

task management

Impact-Driven Service is more proactive and consultative than Traditional Service

Impact-Driven Service

How It Works

The building analytics software leverages powerful Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) that performs an in-depth analysis that doesn’t just flag issues but identifies the root causes of problems. The software ranks all the service issues by priority metrics which LONG will monitor, analyze, and discuss at a monthly consultation with you. We then handle issues remotely or deploy a technician for onsite work, who now has the benefit of knowing exactly what the issue is and how to fix it when they arrive, spending less time checking and more time fixing.

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Proactive, All-Inclusive Service on What Matters Most

The FDD platform continuously assesses data from the building automation system and compares it against algorithms pre-programmed in the system, providing a complete understanding of its operation. Our experts review the results of the analytics and generate prioritized actionable insights that, when reviewed at your monthly consultation, will be used to help you develop the best solution based on comfort, health, cost savings, and efficiency.

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Understand Exact Financial Impact

When a fault is detected, the software automatically begins to calculate the financial impact on your building, so you can see exactly how much a problem costs. Once a problem is fixed, the software then calculates your avoided cost, so you can see exactly how much you have saved. Unlike a traditional maintenance service agreement where this cost-only service is spread out over the life of the contract, Impact-Driven Service is an up-front investment, with precise avoided-cost data, making it easy to see your return on investment.

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Solutions with a Positive, Ongoing Impact on People

Consider the 3-30-300 rule: spending $3 on utilities equates to $30 for rent which equates to $300 for payroll. Impact-Driven Service operates in a similar way, with the ultimate result accruing in the benefits to people; the impact from the initial spend for the building systems will magnify the positive impact on the building occupants. With Impact-Driven Service, you’ll pay to ensure your building operates efficiently and avoids unnecessary cost expenditure, but providing a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for the people within is truly priceless.

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Product Partners


  1. Actuators
  2. Valves
  3. Sensors
  4. Flow Meters
  5. Economizers
  • Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington


  1. Radiator Valves
  2. Refrigeration & AC
  3. Compressors
  4. Industrial Automation
  5. High Pressure Pumps
  • Montana, Wyoming


  1. Building Automation Systems
  2. Energy Management
  3. HVAC Controls
  4. Web-based GUI
  5. Smart Room Controls
  6. Lighting & Shade Controls
  7. Room & Field Devices
  • Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Pressure Independent Control Valves
  2. Automatic Flow Limiting Valves
  3. Manual Balance Valves
  4. 2 Way & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves
  5. Piping Components & Accessories
  • Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington


  1. BACnet Digital Controls
  2. Pneumatic & Electronic Controls
  3. Actuators
  4. Meters & Monitoring
  5. Sensors & Thermostats
  6. Legacy Product Support
  • Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington


  1. Temperature Sensors
  2. Pressure Sensors
  3. Humidity Sensors
  • Colorado, Montana, Wyoming


  1. Building Automation Framework
  2. Analytics
  • Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Electronic, Heat Pump & Room Controls
  2. Pressure & Temperature Sensors
  3. Reversing & Water Valves
  4. Wall Thermostats
  5. Fan Blades & Controls
  • Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington


  1. Fire & Smoke Dampers
  2. Pressure Relief Doors
  3. Zone Control Systems
  4. Louver & Architectural Solutions
  5. Air Measuring & Control
  • Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Niagara 4
  2. Niagara AX
  3. Niagara Analytics
  • Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Air / Gas Sensors
  2. Occupancy Sensors
  3. Current Monitoring Devices
  4. Meters
  • Alaska, Colorado, Washington


  1. Room Comfort Controllers
  2. Zoning Systems
  3. Temperature Sensors
  4. Humidistats
  5. Electronic Heat Controls
  6. Legacy Products
  • Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Niagara Framework
  2. JACE
  3. Integrated Analytics
  4. Software
  • Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming


  1. Variable Frequency Drives
  2. Industrial AC Drives
  3. HVAC Drives
  4. Specialty Pump Drives
  5. Medium Voltage Drives
  6. AC Motors
  • Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

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