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LONG Analytics: Customizable User Interface

When it comes to analytics, viewing a list of diagnostic results is not always the best way to interpret the data. Visualizing the diagnostic results rolled up into metrics that can be charted, however, allows us to see trends and outliers that may have been missed otherwise. With LONG’s analytics powered by Clockworks, the diagnostic results are transformed into widgets in the dashboard interface.

Analytics Dashboard Charts


The dashboard interface enhances productivity by providing widgets in the form of charts, tables, and banners to visualize the diagnostics running on the building automation system data. The widgets display the rolled-up diagnostics results for the comfort, energy, and maintenance priorities for each piece of equipment into associated scores. The widgets also include avoidable cost metrics and IAQ issues.  


Each user can create a dashboard by either choosing one from the pre-built templates or by creating the dashboard from scratch. Each user can have multiple dashboards to visualize different widgets.


This interface allows the user to compare multiple buildings or to filter the analytical data down to specific equipment. These dashboard can be filtered for any time range and can be rolled up into daily, weekly and monthly metrics.

You can view a full demonstration of the customizable user interface on LONG Analytics below:

HubSpot Video

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