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LONG Analytics: Diagnostics as a Service

Introducing LONG Analytics

LONG Analytics delivers in-depth knowledge of your building automation systems that allows you to discern where deficiencies or issues lie, along with the ability to correct them. The Clockworks product provides a superior platform to end users for several reasons, starting with providing diagnostics as a service. 

When it comes to analytics, a major differentiator between products is the quality of the analytics rules. The results determine if you are chasing false positives or actual issues. It is important that these rules are proven over a variety of facility types and regions.

With LONG’s analytics powered by Clockworks, the diagnostics are:

  • Built into the platform and modified to fit any design. The mechanical drawings are used to compare the unit’s design to how the unit is performing. The sequence of operations, controls drawings, and LONG’s knowledge of your building are used to apply and modify algorithms as needed. Not only does the platform identify issues, it also identifies opportunities.
  • Constantly reviewed and updated. Clients across the platform benefit from each other and as the system or environment changes so do the diagnostics. When indoor air quality became a top priority for many buildings, Clockworks flagged these issues at a higher priority.
  • Hierarchically grouped by equipment. Each piece of equipment has a set of algorithms to identify issues that are reported in one diagnostic result for a daily, weekly, or monthly view. Furthermore, the equipment is associated to each other so that you are not flooded with diagnostic results when the main equipment is not operating properly. For instance, if the AHU is not running, the diagnostics will not be flooded with VAV damper issues.
  • Detailed. The results provide a thorough explanation of all the associated issues and provide a list of possible causes. In addition, the results provide pre-built charts for the end user to quickly verify the findings.
  • Categorized by comfort, energy, and maintenance priorities. The comfort priority focuses on the occupant experience as it relates to temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and CO2. The energy priority identifies the top issues with avoidable cost. The maintenance priority indicates the equipment is not operating properly.

You can learn more about diagnostics as a service by viewing this short video.

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Melissa is an Engineering Technician for the Building Automation group in Littleton, Colorado.