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LONG Analytics: Built-In Avoidable Costs

When it comes to prioritizing diagnostics results, calculating avoidable cost can be crucial to prioritizing issues within a facility or campus environment.



With LONG analytics powered by Clockworks, there is a lot of information that goes into these calculations. The cost calculations incorporate data from the mechanical schedules, such as the horsepower of the motor on an AHU. It then uses the BAS points to calculate the energy cost associated with the issue. Finally, the calculation includes the customer’s utility rates to convert the calculated energy into cost.


The diagnostics provide a daily avoidable cost that can also be rolled up into weekly or yearly values. In addition, the dashboard interface charts this metric over time. These metrics are great for comparing multiple buildings or seeing a change in performance.

Annual Cost Projection

Using a linear regression analysis, these cost calculations project the annual cost associated with a given issue. The diagnostic details provide any assumptions associated with this calculation and provide a metric to indicate how well the regression equation fit the data.


Not only does the Clockworks platform identify the cost associate with a given issue, but it also identifies opportunities. An example of this would be the cost savings to add a VFD to a fan. The diagnostic details also explain any assumptions that were made when calculating these costs, such as the VFD must reduce the speed by a given percentage.

You can view a demonstration of built-in avoidable costs on the Analytics platform below:

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Melissa is an Engineering Technician for the Building Automation group in Littleton, Colorado.