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Alaska has unique environmental and climate challenges, and LONG Alaska brings the experience to meet them.  We combine the industry’s best in building automation, HVAC equipment, mechanical services, and creative security solutions to provide Arctic-rated, professional-grade systems maximizing building performance and peace of mind.

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LONG is Officially a C-PACE Contractor in the City of Anchorage

C-PACE makes it easy to finance energy-efficient upgrades to commercial buildings. Read more about LONG & C-PACE here.


3G Sunset and Your System

3G Cellular Units are commonly used to monitor alarm systems in commercial buildings, but they will cease operation on December 31, 2021, or even earlier in some areas. If your systems still use 3G Cellular Units, it is imperative that you transfer to LTE Cellular Units before 3G sunsets. Installing an LTE Cellular Unit will ensure your systems continue to send signals to your monitoring systems.

To make the transition smooth and painless, LONG Building Technologies will work with you to upgrade or replace your current intrusion system with legacy technology. Don’t wait until your system becomes obsolete. Let LONG help you keep your important alarm systems functioning.


The Air is Better Here

Atmos Air provides innovative and proactive air treatment solutions that can continuously measure, monitor and disinfect viruses and air in the occupied space. AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization Benefits include:

  • Reduced bacteria and viruses
  • Reduced particulate matter and dust
  • Reduced VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Odors
  • Improved energy conservation

Watch the video to learn more about improving the indoor air quality in your building.

Adobe Flash End of Life

Adobe announced that as of January 2021 they will stop supporting Flash Player, and after January 12th, 2021, they will begin to block content from running on Flash Player. With this development comes a possibility that certain software programs will be affected. 

Read the Press Release now to find out more information and contact LONG for questions!


Winter Is Coming! 

Winter is almost upon us! Now is the perfect time to start preparing your building for the cold season. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to ensure your building and its systems remain in tip-top shape! You can read all our tips in our article: “Winter is Coming! 9 Things to Check in Your Building Before Then (#5 Will Shock You)


UV Filtration HVAC Systems

The emphasis on infection control has taken over our daily lives during the last few months, and with good reason. The CDC and WHO have been working closely with HVAC industry’s leading experts in developing guidelines and suggestions so building owners and property managers can understand how to maintain a healthy environment for the people inside. Higher humidity levels, more outside air, purging, Merv-13 or HEPA filtration, and Ultraviolet (UV) filtration are at the top of the list.

Of all these suggestions, UV filtration is likely the one major design change that would need to be made to an HVAC system, and it would generate many benefits. UV filtration is not a new concept in the industry; it was not engendered as a response to the events of this year. Rather, UV has been deployed for years in many HVAC applications. UV light is used to “deactivate” microbials (virus, bacteria, mold, fungal spores) in the air, keeping them from reproducing and infecting a host. This deactivation also adds benefit to the mechanical functions of the HVAC system by preventing growth within the heating and cooling coils, as well as drain pans, ultimately saving owners money on maintenance and repairs. 

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How effective are Fever Cameras, really?

Thermal cameras are currently being marketed as “Fever Cameras” by some companies, but the label can be misleading. Thermal cameras are not a FDA-approved medical device and should not be used as such. It is important to understand how thermal cameras operate and the ways in which they can and cannot lead to healthy buildings.

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With the turn of the new decade, the global intelligent building market has undergone a seismic transformation. Expectations go far beyond BMS, with advanced solutions and services now required to satisfy the needs of different building stakeholders. Three key driving forces are behind these changes: climate risk (and the need for energy positive buildings), urban densification (and the need for space management), and occupant expectations (and the need for multi-services apps for occupants).

Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Building Intelligence solution successfully delivers on today’s requirements while simultaneously building on the future.  Download the brochure to learn more.

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The Iso-Aire exhaust and filtration system is the ideal solution for healthcare facilities needing to quickly increase isolation room capacity or add air filtration capability to common and high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, to protect staff and patients. Rather than installing a full ductwork system that is more costly and slower to install, Iso-Aire can provide the same air capability in a space-saving design that can be rapidly deployed. Read the full brochure here.

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