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Press Release: End of Adobe Flash and Impact on Security Systems

Adobe announced that as of January 2021 they will stop supporting Flash Player, and after January 12th, 2021, they will begin to block content from running on Flash Player. With this development comes a possibility that certain software programs will be affected.

Some software programs that could potentially be affected include:

  • Card Access Software
  • CCTV NVRs and client software
  • Some DDC Controls system interfaces

Luckily, Flash Player was typically only used for user interface purposes. This means that even if Flash Player is used in your program, your software will still run your physical systems, and only the interface will be impacted. If Flash Player was used in your system, you will receive an error while attempting to open a function on the interface, such as graphics or video.

You can view more details about the Flash Player end of life here.

For directions on how to update your software, or for additional questions about the potential impact of Adobe Flash Player on your systems, reach out to LONG today.

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Chris Bracken

Christopher Bracken the Branch Manager for all LONG business units in Alaska. Chris is also a professional artist and enjoys his family time as a proud Dad to three highly-energetic boys.