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The Reality of Fever Cameras

The newest buzzword in commercial building security systems at the moment is "fever cameras." Though many companies are currently marketing these cameras with an emphasis on "fever," they are no different than thermal cameras. It is important to recognize that the addition of the label "fever" does not make a thermal camera a FDA-approved medical device, and they should not be used as such. Thermal cameras can only provide you with information based on skin temperature, not ACTUAL, internal temperature readings. For example, if warm sunlight that heated a person's face prior to he or she walking in the door, then the temperature can be thrown off by a few degrees. The same affected reading can occur if someone is entering from the cold. 

Environmental conditions within the space can vary and the camera may not be taking that into consideration. Along with outside temperature, ventilation on the other side of the room or an open door can lead to inaccurate readings. Thermal cameras are tested and calibrated in a lab environment where their specifications are derived, and they really only operate "accurately" in those conditions. Also, the fail-safe method has been determined that these fever cameras should only take temperatures from the eye, but most do not. Use of these cameras outside of those conditions has proven that they do not perform as claimed. This does not mean that thermal cameras are useless, but that you should understand their pitfalls so as to implement them properly. Thermal cameras should be calibrated often, used in a location with still air or no temperature variants, and only used as a precursor to additional screenings, not as a definitive measure. In the drive to keep buildings and occupants healthy, it can be easy to be misled by buzzword terms, so it is crucial to understand the reality of the device, despite what the label may imply.

LONG Security Solutions can separate fact from fiction and provide additional details on this type of technology. For more information and support on a comprehensive mitigation plan, reach out to us today.

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