Basic FDD Analytics - Dashboards & Tasking

Course Description:

This basic course is intended for existing Impact-Driven Service clients who want an initial broad overview or a refresher on previous customer training in order to begin to utilize the Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) Analytics platform, to monitor, troubleshoot, manage, and review results and reports for their facilities.

Course Duration & Fee:

2 Hours, In-Person Classroom
Course Fee: $198

Course Availability:

The following list of dates are include the availability of this course through May 2023. Please select the appropriate course date from the list below when registering online. 

  • February 2, 7:30AM to 9:30AM
  • April 5, 9:30AM to 11:30AM
  • May 4, 7:30AM to 9:30AM

Note: This class is taught at LONG Building Technologies, there are no online options available at the time. To ensure the healthy and safety of all, please read over our safety practices here before you arrive. 


This course is similar to the Initial Customer Training often provided alongside the Onboarding Turnover Process for LONG’s Impact-Driven Controls Service. It is most appropriate as either a refresher for those that attended the initial one-on-one training, or for new facility staff or those that were not able to attend.

This course will broadly introduce the student to the Clockworks FDD (Analytics) Platform and provide a general overview of all functionalities. The student will learn how to access both the Dashboard Portal as well as the Traditional Diagnostic and Task Management Interface via a web browser. They will learn to navigate through a selection of general dashboards and reports to compare or prioritize buildings and equipment for the largest impacts to Comfort, Energy, and Maintenance. The student will also learn how to view specific faults, create and manage tasks, and request support through the Traditional Interface.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Working knowledge of Windows OS
  • Client must have Impact-Driven Controls Service with LONG which includes the use of the Clockworks FDD Platform.
  • Client must bring their own laptop capable of accessing the internet browser (Edge, Chrome, etc.) (guest Wi-Fi will be provided) and access to their client email to receive user credentials.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Confirm active user credentials and login to access to the Clockworks Platform via a standard web browser.
  • Access the Dashboard Portal for viewing and prioritizing diagnostics and tasks and reviewing results/improvements
  • Access the Traditional Interface for Diagnostics, Faults, and Task Management
  • Understand the difference and navigate between the two interfaces
  • Utilize assigned dashboards
  • Set up new tasks
  • Request Support for resolving Sequence of Operations discrepancies causing potential nuisance faults
  • View Building Variables utilized in calculations

What You Will Receive

Upon the completion of this course students will have a basic understanding of the Clockworks Platform that LONG utilizes through the Impact-Driven Service, and understand the broad range of features available for them to use alongside LONG’s service to make the program even more effective.