Relay Logic 101

Course Description:

This course is intended for installers and technicians that would like to understand the basic electrical symbols/devices within a ladder or pictorial wiring diagram.

Course Duration & Fee:

1 Day, 7:30AM - 3:30PM, In-Person
Course Fee: $350

Course Availability:

The following list of dates are include the availability of this course through May 2023. Please select the appropriate course date from the list below when registering online. 

  • March 21, 7:30AM - 3:30PM

Note: The Relay Logic class is taught at LONG Building Technologies, there are no online options available at the time. To ensure the healthy and safety of all, please read over our safety practices here before you arrive. 


In this course, the student will learn many of the electrical systems used within a ladder or pictorial wiring diagrams commonly found within factory equipment.   A field device matching the symbol type will be reviewed and disassembled to understand its working parts. We will review Ohms law. The Class will continue with a hands-on section with a demo board with be used to review circuits, including testing of a circuit.   Though out the class there will be review quizzes.

Course Prerequisites:

  • None

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 

  • Read and follow the layout of a wiring diagram. 
  • Understand the symbols found on equipment wiring diagrams. 
  • Understand parts that makeup the symbol(s) shown. 
  • Where to use a meter for testing circuits. 

What You Will Receive:

Upon the completion of this course students will receive a Certificate of Completion and individual test scores.  We will provide course materials including user guides, and product data sheets where applicable. Breakfast (coffee and donuts) and lunch will be provided each day.