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Project Overview: Wyoming Life Resource Center

About the Wyoming Life Resource Center

The Wyoming Life Resource Center (WLRC) consists of a sprawling campus with over 40 buildings, some dating back to the early 1900s. WLRC’s mission is “to provide high level intermediate and long-term care and services to individuals in Wyoming who are hard to place, have high medical needs, or manifest exceptionally difficult behaviors.” They had a project scope that included construction of 15 new buildings and one remodeled building comprised of 10 housing units (adding 100 new patient beds), 3 day treatment buildings, a clinic, a recreation center with swimming pool, and a new facilities management shop.

WLRC Campus

HVAC System Upgrades

LONG helped design and execute the project and provided the necessary HVAC equipment to meet their needs. Daikin water source variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps and associated fan coils were installed in the housing units and day use buildings, fed by a central condenser water loop plant. Each building also received LONG-provided Daikin air handling units (AHUs). Furthermore, LONG also provided Ruskin dampers and louvers, Loren Cook fans, and Krueger air distribution components for this project as part of the HVAC equipment scope.

Building Automation System Upgrades

LONG’s involvement did not end at just the HVAC equipment – we also provided the building automation system (BAS) upgrades to integrate with the HVAC systems. We installed Distech and Tridium controls to improve the BAS as well as the graphical user interface (GUI) for greater user control.

Completing the WLRC

This was a massive project, with an overall budget if $85 million and a timeline that extended to four years, coming to completion in late 2022. This was a unique project designed and engineered to retain the “cottage” feel of the sprawling campus with minimal HVAC equipment visible, necessitating the use of water-source VRF heat pumps connected to a central plant – a system that LONG had not previously provided in Wyoming. From the newness to the timeline to the expansive, multi-building campus, this project had many unfamiliar challenges to overcome.

HVAC Project Partners

We would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” and “congratulations” to our many partners who worked alongside us to complete this incredible project.

The WLRC project provided a unique opportunity for LONG to showcase our HVAC equipment and building controls in a complex design on a historic campus providing vital care services for our fellow Wyomingites in need.

If you are looking for HVAC equipment or building automation upgrades for single or multi-building campuses, reach out to us today to get started. As WLRC shows, we love a good challenge and can always deliver the right solution!

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*Main image credited to Friends of Wyoming Life Resource Center


Todd is the Operations Manager for our Building Automation team in Wyoming.