It’s important to keep air flowing efficiently, quietly, and safely in buildings where people work and live. At Ruskin, we’ve become the leaders in the air control industry because we care about empowering our partners and customers to build better buildings and ultimately, to build them with healthy and comfortable air. That’s why we are always out front with the best air control solutions in the industry. From dampers and louvers, to air measuring systems and ERVs, Ruskin is recognized for consistent innovation, engineering excellence, and precision manufacturing. The Ruskin knowledgeable and dedicated rep network adds value by listening to customer’s needs and providing expert advice and nimble service. It’s no wonder that Ruskin has a storied history of leading innovation in the air control industry, maintaining long-term, successful relationships, and boldly helping partners and customers find the freedom to succeed.



Product lines are the perfect choice for your high-performance air systems.

Designed to protect life and property, Ruskin manufactures a complete line of UL classified dampers. To meet the diversity of fire and smoke protection requirements, Ruskin dampers are available in a range of classifications and with a variety of standard features and options. Ruskin® smoke dampers are all UL555S Classified and cover Leakage Classes ONE through THREE. Ruskin fire dampers meet UL555, UL555C, NFPA, and requirements for primary fire dampers in walls, ceilings and floors.

Lifesafety Damper


Ruskin’s combination fire / smoke dampers are designed to operate as an integral part of an engineered smoke control system. Ruskin access doors complete your fire and smoke package. To make installation easier, Ruskin offers a variety of labor-saving devices. These include, factory sleeves, mounting angles and factory-mounted actuators. Regardless of the Ruskin damper you choose, you can be certain that Ruskin® products will perform as tested.

Ruskin is a leader in designing and manufacturing durable, high performance control dampers for industrial ventilation applications. Constructed from heavy-duty steel with the most advanced equipment in the industry, Ruskin Industrial Dampers can stand up to the toughest and most demanding environments and can be custom-built to meet the exact needs of virtually any ventilation or process application.

industrial damper


From low-pressure operations to heavy-duty industrial applications, Ruskin provides the perfect control damper. Every Ruskin damper is built with performance in mind and tested to AMCA Standards in Ruskin’s AMCA Accredited Laboratory. Ruskin works with a variety of materials including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to match your exact specifications. With Ruskin, customers not only receive high performance, but also get excellent value. Ruskin dampers are carefully designed to fit and work perfectly for years after installation with a minimum of maintenance, now SHIPPED with a FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

commercial damper



Ruskin creates louvers that provide fresh air intake and exhaust. Our louvers also add to the architectural style of multiple building designs. Ruskin offers a variety of louvers and architectural products to meet a wide range of needs. Available with a highly weather-resistant anodized finishes, Ruskin louvers can withstand the harshest environments. Ruskin was the first manufacturer to receive louver product approval for use in Miami-Dade County, Florida. With other Miami-Dade County and wind driven rain models introduced into the market, Ruskin continues to pioneer the design of louvers for severe weather applications. Available in many depths, Ruskin louvers accommodate various blade angles with high free area for low pressure drop.




Managing airflow in today’s HVAC systems requires precision and better Indoor Air Quality. Every state in the USA has adopted international codes as a guide to promote occupant health and safety by improving methods of measuring and controlling the minimum outside air. Ruskin’s complete line of air measuring and IAQ products are designed with the latest code requirements in mind. Ruskin combines its extensive HVAC manufacturing experience with the industry’s most sophisticated, AMCA registered, testing facility to provide the most comprehensive line of airflow measuring products. From total measuring and control of the airflow to simple reading and manual adjustment, Ruskin has a solution to fit every application.

Lifesafety Damper



Ruskin access doors enable access into ducts without compromising safety or ventilation. Ruskin has a wide variety of doors to meet different duct styles and application needs. Ruskin also provides a range of SMACNA Rated Access Doors. Quick, easy installation wherever duct access is needed. Manual locks, assuring tight door closure.



The balance between energy savings and proper ventilation for healthy indoor environments is vitally important in today’s buildings. Ruskin’s Energy Recovery Ventilators recapture conditioned air to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems. An ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR allows you to capture 70 PERCENT of the energy from the air leaving the building and put it back into the fresh air entering the building. Ruskin Energy Recovery Ventilators ultimately offer higher efficiencies and cost savings.




Ruskin’s experience and knowledge means a complete line of acoustical products that perform aerodynamically as well as acoustically. Ruskin® Sound Control panels and silencers are available in a wide range of applications. SoundChek panels have been designed and tested to meet the highest of industry standards. A variety of silencers are available. They can be custom designed to fit any need. Thorough research and development combined with in-depth engineering analysis has allowed Ruskin Sound Control to offer superior acoustical products at a competitive cost.



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