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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Armstrong Systems

Our partners at Armstrong World Industries have a variety of air purification and air filtration systems to help improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Armstrong Air Purification and Filtration Systems

Armstrong has two main air purification systems to help with indoor air quality: the VidaShield UV24 and the StrataClean IQ. The VidaShield system uses unobtrusive in-room UV-C air cleaning technology that can neutralize 97% of bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Their StrataClean IQ air filtration system is also an in-room unit with a quiet, low profile. It utilizes MERV 13 filters and 3 fan speeds to optimize air changes.

How Do Air Purification Systems Work?

The StrataClean IQ system quietly captures airborne contaminates and filters them out of the air, creating cleaner and healthier environments. The VidaShield UV24 system uses ultraviolet light and filtration to neutralize pollutants. It draws air into the unit, treats it with UV light, and then recirculates the clean air back into the room. It is important to note that over time these systems will require some maintenance – every 4,000 hours of use for the StrataClean IQ and UV light replacement on the VidaShield every 12 months.

What Are the Benefits of Air Purification Systems?

These systems purify and filter the air in a space, creating cleaner and healthier environments with less pollutants. They are perfect solutions for high traffic public spaces such as schools or hospitals where pollutants can spread easily and it’s more important for healthy air quality, though they are also effective in commercial spaces and office buildings. As these systems are mounted in the ceiling, they take up less space. This location also means they can treat more air and are 35% more effective than floor-mounted air purification/filtration devices. Each of these systems is relatively easy to install and requires no HVAC system modification. In addition, they can be wired into current lighting systems or occupancy sensors to maximize air quality when spaces are occupied, and they only use 120 volts, so their energy consumption can be quite low.

If you are interested in getting Armstrong’s StrataClean IQ or VidaShield UV24 systems in your commercial facility for improved air quality, contact LONG.

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Jeremiah "JJ" Kidd is the Manager for the HVAC Service team in Casper, WY.