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StrataClean IQ Air Filtration System

Features and Benefits:

  • MERV 13 filtration with 3 fan speeds to optimize air changes per hour for your space
  • In-ceiling air cleaning works up to 35% more effectively than floor-based air cleaning and is part of a long-term strategy to improve indoor air quality**
  • Quiet operation – as low as 29 dBA***
  • 24" x 24" design allows for easy installation in any suspended ceiling system – easy to incorporate in new or retrofit in existing spaces, with no HVAC system integration required
  • Energy efficient design uses only 15 watts per hour – less than a traditional incandescent light bulb***
  • Integrates with occupancy sensors to save energy and maximize clean air while the space is occupied
  • One unit filters the air for a 1,000 SF space every hour (1 filter = 1 Air Change per Hour (ACH) for a 1,000 SF space; up to 2 ACH can be achieved at a higher setting)
  • In-room air filtration recommended by the EPA Clean Air in Buildings Challenge
  • Can provide up to 2 additional ACH in a 1,000 SF room.

VidaShield UV24 Air Purification System

Improve indoor air quality with the VIDASHIELD UV24 System, an unobtrusive in-room UV-C Air Cleaner that pairs with ACOUSTIBUILT seamless acoustical ceilings and these AIRASSURE suspended ceiling systems: CALLA HEALTH ZONE, ULTIMA HEALTH ZONE, and SCHOOL ZONE FINE FISSURED.

The system includes shielded ultraviolet light and filtration which neutralizes 97%* of bacteria, viruses and allergens. Fitted with familiar ceiling textures for a clean visual, the 2' x 4' system operates continuously to draw air into a concealed chamber above the ceiling, treats it with a patented, scientifically proven UV-C air-cleaning technology, and recirculates clean air back into the room.

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