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KE Fibertec's fabric ducts create an efficient air change and a healthy indoor climate in schools, offices, laboratories, showrooms and other applications where many people are assembled.

Fabric ducts are a cost-effective, attractive, easy-to-install alternative to traditional metal ventilation ducts (open architecture / exposed ductwork).  A traditional metal system will use metal ducts to transport the air, and then diffusers are installed intermittently to distribute the air. This can cause drafty conditions right under the diffuser and "dead spots" where the diffuser is not able to effectively condition. With fabric, the entire duct is your diffuser, with the air being supplied through a porous material and/or openings. This ensures a draft-free, evenly conditioned indoor environment. Note: Fabric ducts are used for supply applications only

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  • Air Distribution

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  • Specialty Duct


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