ECO Cladding

With over 25 years of rainscreen industry relationships, technical expertise, and real-life experience, ECO Cladding offers a non-combustible aluminum subframe platform of adjustable bracket and rail systems to accommodate a wide variety of rainscreen panels.  Our approach to rainscreen subframing gives designers the ability to interchange multiple cladding materials on the same elevation and/or project seamlessly with the same non-combustible substructure components and bracket assembly.

Our team evaluates the thermal impact of the rainscreen on the building, the implications of penetrations on the air-barrier, the need for internal adjustability without shims, the ease of installation, and provides a fully engineered, non-combustible subframing solution that has no NFPA 285 triggers.

From wind load, thermal, and span analysis to panel layout optimization and installation support, ECO Cladding provides a full range of design-assist, engineering, and installation support.

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  • Architectural

Product Types:

  • Secondary Framing Systems for Panel Systems


  • Colorado