Denlar Fire Protection (DFP) is the originator of the fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system. Their technology put the UL300A product category on the map.

Stemming from their recognition of the need for a robust, solid, yet economical solution for combating cooking fires in locations that do not necessarily warrant a complex and expensive commercial system, Denlar began testing concepts in their state-of-the-art fire suppression chamber. In 2006, DFP launched a model hood and has continued to develop its product offerings ever since. They work hard to meet standards expected by municipalities nationwide while consistently producing a product they’re proud to put their name on. DFP has evolved its product line to better meet the needs of the market and the safety of non-commercial kitchens.



Before the introduction of the Denlar fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system, there were few options available. A residential-grade appliance required a full commercial hood system, often a $20,000 hood system installed over a $500 traditional range, or a lesser grade retrofit kit was installed within a basic range hood. Neither option was ideal.  When comparing residential grade retrofit kits to a Denlar Hood, the value is in the overall quality and ease of use. The Denlar Designer (DS) Series provides a similar level of protection to the retrofit/residential hood combination but in a pre-engineered one-product system. This system offers lower materials cost, lower installation costs and a much finer finished aesthetic.



Denlar’s Pre-Engineered Range Hoods provide all of the protections of a Type-1 alternative in a system specifically designed for a residential-grade appliance. And, the D1000 Series provides an even higher level of protection, as it monitors the cooking environment to lessen overall fire risk.


All of this is in a product that is often one-third of the cost of an otherwise required commercial system.


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