About CoolAutomation

Smartly control your HVAC systems like never before.

CoolAutomation is a global leader in smart solutions for HVAC systems, specializing in VRF, Split systems, and heat pumps. With over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries, our innovative products enable seamless HVAC integration and remote management, service, diagnostics, and universal system control.

Founded in 2009, CoolAutomation has become the go-to choice for HVAC service companies, home & building automation integrators, building management experts, and facility managers looking to save energy, enhance service, and reduce costs for both residential and commercial sites. 

Benefits of CoolAutomation

  1. Cloud Base Solutions
    • Remote HVAC Control, Monitoring and Diagnostics

Constantly monitor the HVAC system’s performance, receive real-time error notifications on abnormal system behavior, and analyze the system remotely - from the comfort of your office.

    • Energy Saving

Get actual power usage of each system, drill down to the level of each indoor unit. Detect extreme and peak energy consumption periods and address them in a timely manner energy costs.

    • Cross-Brand, Cross-Site, Unified Interface

Connect any of the major VRF HVAC systems across all your sites, using a unified intuitive graphical interface.

    • Detect System Abnormalities and Avoid Deterioration

We utilize a robust anomaly engine which runs complex rules in the background. It processes hundreds of system data points, using both real-time and historic values, to detect abnormality in system behavior early. This prevents the system's abnormalities from deteriorating to a major issue or complete system downtime.

    • Periodic Usage and Performance Reports

Increase the awareness of the site's HVAC operations, performance, and energy consumption. View trends, detect potential trending issues and easily share with other organization stakeholders.

    • Optimize Site HVAC Operations

Set regiments for site HVAC operations. Enforce schedules, restrict access to unit controls and settings, and automate operations by correlating with external sensors.

  1. Integration Devices
    • Simple
      Our plug & play devices enable seamless integration to all major HVAC brands.
    • Reliable
      Exceptional quality and service ensures efficient and effective HVAC integration.
    • Universal
      Native integration with all major HVAC brands.
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Product Types:

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  • Zone Control Systems
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