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Since its inception in 1914, BASO has been recognized as an innovative leader in developing and manufacturing a wide range of quality gas control products and accessories. Originally called Milwaukee Gas Specialty Company, the facility produced gas range accessories and later added products for water heaters and furnaces.

When the company was granted an exclusive license to manufacture and market the Baltimore-Automatic Shut-Off (BASO) switch in 1934, Milwaukee Gas Specialty Company and BASO quickly became synonymous. The company’s name was officially changed to BASO, Inc. in 1957. 

In 1961, BASO merged with Penn Controls, and in 1968 the combined entity was purchased by Johnson Controls, Inc. 

BASO Gas Products LLC, was formed on August 30, 2004, when Johnson Controls sold its BASO gas valve and pilot burner business in Watertown, Wisconsin, to George Sopko. For the previous 12 years, George had been the Johnson Controls Watertown Plant Manager. The vision to “go it alone” and purchase this business arose from the strong belief that success lies with a dedicated team of people focused on the customer and product quality, while operating in an environment using world class manufacturing methods and practices. 

Today, locally owned BASO continues with the same employees, which means customers can continue to obtain the same BASO products, manufactured and supported by the same people, with the same dedication to quality. 

While many things have changed in the last 100+ years, our commitment to producing superior products, providing exceptional customer service and operating with integrity remains unchanged. 

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