Barcol Air

Ever since Barcol-Air was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer and provider of climate ceiling systems, it has pursued one mission: to create individual solutions for optimal room comfort. Through its subsidiaries in Germany, France and Italy, flanked by a specialised export management for other countries, this Swiss company focuses directly on its customers' needs.

Professionalism is our foundation and your benefit

  • Experience developed over four decades in the climate ceiling sector and a team of highly qualified and motivated employees: based on these foundations, Barcol-Air is the right partner to conceive and realize the optimal room climate solutions for its customers.
  • Specialists with proven track records, a market-focused product development strategy, an in-house climate laboratory as well as "Clim@Tool", our specific-purpose software, guarantee optimized solutions already during the planning phase.

Comprehensive project management is our passion and your relief

  • In-company knowledge is Barcol-Air's capital. At the same time, it is a benefit to our customers as we help them to meet the many different challenges they may face.
  • With a comprehensive knowledge, passion for detail and the ability to see the big picture, our project managers relieve customers of the complexity and stress of sophisticated climate ceiling projects from start to finish.

Flexible thinking and action is our strength and your advantage

  • Every climate ceiling project has to meet different requirements. Specific design, technical versions and execution are needed for each one. Tailor-made solutions are Barcol-Air's strength: a key advantage for our customers as they face a variety of challenges.
  • Because Barcol-Air's specialists are closely involved in the market and up to date with the latest events, they know and recognise customers' needs and are able to meet their different requirements.

Efficiency is our motto and your gain

  • At Barcol-Air we waste no time. And our customers gain from that, because time is a key economic factor.
  • Factors such as our highly automated production centre, digital system networking, lean processes and direct links with partner companies ensure an efficient service performance in terms of time and costs.
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  • Air Distribution
  • HVAC Equipment

Product Types:

  • Variable Air Volume Terminal Units
  • Chilled Beams


  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Wyoming