AtmosAir is your source for healthier, cleaner air and all the benefits that come with it.

For nearly two decades, AtmosAir has been bringing an active and transparent approach to pioneering solutions for indoor air quality.
And the true benefits are something you’ll see for years to come. We’re talking about the competitive edge that comes with being able to ensure improved air quality, the bottom line business advantages of fewer sick days, greater productivity, and the peace of mind that comes from living in, working in or visiting a healthy indoor environment.

Why You Need Better Indoor Air Quality

As buildings become more energy efficient, they’re less likely to circulate fresh, clean air — and more likely to accumulate bacteria, spores and compounds.
AtmosAir is the indoor air quality solution that reduces mold, VOCs, bacteria, dust particles and odors in the space where you breathe. It’s suitable for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

At AtmosAir, we understand that environment solutions also need to be cost effective. When you choose AtmosAir, you’re supplying your building with an all-natural solution to one of the greatest environmental threats today. You’ll also save money, because you’ll reduce future heating and cooling expenses — we guarantee it.

AtmosAir Provides Visibly Cleaner Air

From commercial office buildings and athletic facilities to condominiums, hospitals and schools, AtmosAir is helping customers and occupants to see air differently.
Independently tested, AtmosAir is the right solution for your improving indoor air quality.
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