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What is Impact-Driven Service?

LONG’s newest offering is Impact-Driven Service. This service delivery model keeps the complex systems found in today's built environments operating at peak efficiency... but it's so much more!

Different than usual 'task-based' preventative maintenance, this revolutionary service targets the aspects of building systems which are of greatest importance to you. We are able to target energy, comfort, health, and system longevity simultaneously. The days of sacrificing one domain for another are gone! Let’s see how else it compares to traditional service agreements:

Traditional Service:

  • Site visits as needed, with a minimum of two per year
  • Service performed onsite and by an in-person tech
  • Technicians review a list of prescribed tasks and inspection items
  • Tasks are often non-value-added and appear arbitrary
  • Maintains the reactive nature of service
  • Costs spread out over life of contract with no clear link to benefits

Impact-Driven Service

  • Combination of virtual consultations and onsite visits, tailored to fit your unique situation, system complexity, and facility management goals
  • Some service can performed remotely, lowering the frequency of in-person visits
  • Analytics engine continuously monitors thousands of data points and generates root-cause diagnostics, easily prioritized by what matters most to you
  • Easy-to-use client dashboard
  • 24/7, 365 monitoring
  • Detects equipment faults and inefficiencies and pinpoints break-fix work
  • Tracks avoidable costs of faulty equipment as well as the associated cost savings of fixed equipment
  • Inspires a proactive and consultative nature of service

Our forward-thinking strategy leverages new technology innovations to deliver proactive, preventative, corrective solutions to your facility. We are able to focus on items which deliver the most impact while eliminating unnecessary non-value added tasks. This enables our team, working in concert with yours, to really move the needle and get your facility operating in peak condition in the shortest amount of time. This leads to happier occupants, a more efficient system, and less down time.

You can learn more by visiting our Impact-Driven Service page and requesting a free consultation.


Scott Papay

Scott is responsible for leading all sales efforts for the controls business unit at LONG headquarters. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and served in the United States Navy as an Engineering Watch Supervisor before moving on to management positions at Bailco Service Corporation, Johnson Controls, Tiernam & Patrylo and Trane. He has been with LONG since 2009 and is LEED AP-NC, FE and Six Sigma Black Belt certified. In his free time, Scott enjoys CrossFit, spending time with his family and outdoor activities including hiking, camping, hunting and golfing.