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The Ease of Requesting Help with Desktop Assist

Many facilities install duress buttons as a means of improving safety and increasing the notification and response time in emergency situations. But traditional duress buttons like silent alarms or panic buttons are limited to requesting one type of assistance (usually emergency) and require expensive hard-wired installation, so they are not a viable solution for locations in which employees need to request help in non-emergency situations. Desktop Assist is the duress button that can do more. 

Desktop Assist is a notification software developed by LONG that can be installed on any Microsoft Windows OS without any cable or device installation, making it cheaper than other methods. By making a unique keystroke on the PC, someone can initiate a duress signal without alerting anyone that they have asked for help, an act that can unintentionally escalate a situation. Desktop Assist can be also be used for a variety of situations, emergency or not, such as notifying the police or simply requesting help from a manager when dealing with a retail customer. With Desktop Assist, you can assign specific actions to customize the response, like alerting 911, building security, a manager, or even a maintenance team.

Whether someone works in education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, or financial institutions, they can feel more secure and at ease knowing they have the ability to subtly and quickly request assistance if they're ever faced with a threatening situation or simply require additional help. 

LONG can install Desktop Assist on your location's PC's and integrate the software with a variety of access controls systems as well. Reach out to us now to improve employee safety and alleviate worries in the workplace.

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Jim Jamison

Jim is a Senior Account Executive with our Security Solutions team in Washington.