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The 3 Main Benefits of Door Closers

Most people have no idea what a door closer is or how important they are to building security. Door closers are a mechanical device, usually hydraulic or spring in nature, that will close the door automatically after someone has opened it. Making sure a perimeter door closes and latches securely every time is of paramount importance to the security of your building and the people inside it. It’s 3 main benefits include:


A door closer will ensure that your building or suite entrance door has closed securely after someone passes through it. This prevents your property from being left vulnerable to thieves and preventing unauthorized access. Having the correct door closer is especially important on doors with access control. A door closer will ensure that the door returns to the closed position after opening, allowing the locking element to engage and secure the door. Doors using maglocks, electric strikes, or electric locks would all require a door closer to be installed to provide secure closing.


According to current regulations, a door closer should be fitted to every fire door to ensure the door closes properly after every opening. Fire Doors are an integral part of the fire compartmentation of a building and must be closed in the event of an outbreak of fire. A floor spring, transom, concealed, or overhead closer could be installed to a fire door if it has the correct certification.


Door closers help maintain conditioned air temperatures. Conditioned air will not vent out of an opened door for long periods of time. If the door is closed quickly and efficiently, air loss is limited, building conditions are maintained, and building energy costs are lowered.

There are several different types that you can choose from, including surface-mounted, concealed in the frame, concealed in the door, concealed in the floor, or spring hinge style. Some styles even have additional options to choose from, like surface-mounted door closers that may include a slide-track arm or a parallel arm surface mount.

No matter the style or situation, your door closer should be installed and adjusted by a professional. An ineffectual or poorly installed door closer can cause a myriad of issues. A professional can ensure you have a suitable model for your specific door and access control system, and that it is installed to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

LONG Building Technologies can assist you with choosing and installing the best door closer for your facility. Once you have fitted a door closer it must be regularly checked and maintained and/or adjusted periodically. This is particularly crucial for any type of door closer fitted to a fire rated door. LONG can also provide maintenance, repairs, and other services for door closers or access control systems. Click the button below to get started today.

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Robert Murray is an Account Executive for our Security Solutions team in Washington.