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Sure-Fi Allows You to Better Control Your Building

Sure-Fi’s HVAC and Analog wireless I/O combine to provide you complete control of building automation systems one mile through heavy obstruction and up to fifty miles line of sight. With Sure-Fi’s robust, revolutionary multi-path signal, being disappointed in RF products is a thing of the past. Sure-Fi provides all connectivity between variable voltage, amperage, impedance, and 24v relay sensors and actuators. These are simply wired into an analog I/O on a expansion unit or JACE and the system cannot tell it is not hard wired. With military grade 128 AES encryption, 72 channel hopping, and many patented technological advances, Sure-Fi makes your controls more sure and secure than wire. You are able to more economically utilize and fill-up your JACE or I/O units as they no longer need to be in close proximity to the sensors and actuators. The JACE units and  I/O expansion units can all be in the control room and receive/send all analog information reliably to remote portions of the largest buildings or complexes. With 8 channels of control and the ability to be programmed one-to-many, the HVAC I/O bridge can actuate 24v relays and receive relay-based 2 channel feedback. The analog I/O bridge provides 6 channels each direction (2)V, (2)A (2)Ω/V. This allows you to save costs on hundreds of feet of wire, equipment, and conduit, not to mention hours, days, or even weeks of man-hours. Sure-Fi also uses the same robust radio platform for Access Control Wiegand and Relay applications. The days of running endless wire and being frustrated with underperforming RF controls are now over with Sure-Fi. Watch the video below to see how Sure-Fi wireless HVAC controls benefit large warehouses or buildings!



Joslyn Beckwith

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