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School Security Design for a Montana School District

One of the many responsibilities school officials face today is ensuring the safety of their students and faculty.  A Montana school district superintendent took this pledge to heart and sought out ways to improve the safety in his schools. 


This is where LONG’s security specialists Matt Ramey, Ronda Groteluschen and Karl Rubottom were able to help.  Combined with the support from the school district and their knowledge of the S2 Security capabilities, they implemented a S2 building security system design that met the unique needs of schools in rural areas. 


By basing the solution on the S2 framework, Matt, Ronda and Karl were able to provide event triggered communications which are vital during emergency situations. The system also included other features that were specifically tailored to the school district’s needs.


The collaboration efforts were truly valuable for everyone involved in the project.  Our LONG security team was honored to sit on the school district committee that was tasked with updating and improving their school safety plans. 


Head on over to the S2 Publication for more information on S2 Security and LONG’s involvement! https://s2sys.com/S2-Connect-Magazine/Jul-Sep-17/


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