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Project Overview: University of Utah West Village

U of U West Village Goal

In 2021, the University of Utah had housing for graduate students and students with families in buildings that were old, outdated, and had frequent infrastructure failures. In their effort to provide safe, comfortable, andU of U West Village Campus close to campus housing, they began the West Village Housing Replacement Project. This new development consisted of 502 new apartments, replacing 104 existing ones, which means they could also house more students than before.

LONG Utah’s HVAC Equipment Solutions

LONG’s Utah team worked closely with the mechanical design engineer and contractor on the project to determine the specific needs of the apartments and deliver the right HVAC equipment to meet those needs.

The commercial HVAC equipment included:

  • Aaon heat pumps for make up air
  • American Aldes heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) for additional efficiency
  • Multistack heat-only chillers from their ARP product line
  • WaterFurnace heat pumps for each apartment

This equipment would allow for greater energy efficiency, greater control over the building’s environment, and lower energy and maintenance costs. In addition, U of U has an electrification strategy and a goal to be carbon neutral by 2040, and this equipment will help them to achieve that.

The project needed to be completed before the semester began so students would have time to settle in, so the timeline was short and aggressive. We ensured the equipment would be delivered on time and worked in conjunction with the contractor, sending our technicians to provide start up work on the equipment and ensure everything was working properly. Together, we were able to meet the deadline, and the West Village Housing Replacement Project was completed in time for the 2023 fall semester.

We were very proud to partner with the manufacturers, engineers, and contractors on this project and create comfortable and healthy environments in which the U of U students can succeed.

If you are looking for HVAC equipment upgrades or replacements for your commercial buildings in Utah, the LONG team can help.

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Paul Christiansen

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