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Product Feature: PVI's Centurion Water Heater

Centurion® is PVI’s next step in the evolution of Dynamic Water Heating, designed for maximum performance, longevity, and reliability. PVI is no longer just the large storage-type water heater solution provider - PVI now has a full line of high-efficiency equipment options to meet your building’s dynamic requirements. PVI’s Centurion® water heater is feature-rich to ensure that your building has a dependable water heater that is always performing at top efficiency. Some of those features include:

  • 20:1 Turndown; low NOx burner
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant AquaPLEX® duplex stainless-steel fire tube heat exchanger
  • Industry-leading 15-year heat exchanger warranty and labor coverage for a year
  • O2 Trim technology for optimal oxygen levels and the most efficient combustion year round
  • Precise temperature control ±4°F via dynamic feed-forward sensing
  • Up to 99% thermal efficiency

Designing the correct hot water system is critical to the success of your projects and building health, and the LONG team is here to support you in all your hot water needs. You can learn more about PVI’s Centurion® water heater from our video below.


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Sean is a Sales Engineer for the HVAC Equipment team in Littleton, CO, specializing in Hydronics and Plumbing solutions.