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Preventative Maintenance? Don't forget your Access Control!

We’ve stressed the importance of doing preventative maintenance on building systems before, and no matter how proactive you think you may be, there are often smaller aspects of systems that can be easy to overlook. For many building owners, door hardware on access control systems is one of them.

Access control door hardware is typically handled with a break-fix approach – you only notice it if it stops working. But this approach can leave crucial components to your building’s security vulnerable. As with all systems in buildings, no matter the facility, it is beneficial to receive preventative maintenance on access control door hardware before it becomes a major problem. You don’t want to wait until the hardware breaks and important openings become unavailable to you or other building occupants. Just as you regularly change the oil in your car, yearly preventative maintenance on access control door hardware can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

If you realize you’ve been forgetting about your access control door hardware, reach out to LONG about our service maintenance program. Our team of experienced technicians will review your access control door hardware along with other aspects of your security systems, like also ensuring door closures are adjusted. Don't wait for an emergency to occur before you examine your access control systems - contact LONG today to turn your approach from reactive to proactive.

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Steven Stumpf

Steven is the Vice President of the Security Solutions team in Washington.