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Is Vaping Making School Bathrooms Unsafe?

Vaping in School Bathrooms

Vaping is a problem facing all K-12 facilities with students onsite. Easier to do and hide, and with a variety of sweet-sounding flavors, vaping is becoming more popular with kids than cigarettes. This illicit activity typically happens in environments where are there little to no witnesses to identify the perpetrator. Bathrooms are a particularly common location for vaping; there are never too many people in there, stalls allow for even greater privacy, and there are no security cameras. This makes school bathrooms difficult to supervise and prevent actions that are unsafe to students, like vaping or bullying. If you are trying to prevent vaping in school bathrooms, look no further than HALO sensors.

Vape Detection Sensors

HALO sensors are a device that allows for comprehensive security awareness while also protecting the privacy of individuals, as they do not use cameras or record any audio that can identify a person. This makes them an ideal solution for bathrooms and other privacy areas within commercial facilities. A single HALO sensor can provide:


  • Vape detection
  • Keyword alerting
  • Vandalism alerting
  • THC detection
  • Gunshot detection
  • Motion detection
  • Occupancy and people counting
  • Panic button and emergency escape & alert lighting
  • Chemical alerting
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Tamper alerting
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure alerting
  • And more

By installing a HALO sensor in school bathrooms, a variety of prohibited activities or unsafe situations can be detected and alert the school’s security system to an alarm event. And if there are cameras that allow monitoring of the entry/exit of the room, you can also link the event to the video and log it with a date and time stamp for later review. You’ll be notified immediately when an illicit activity like vaping occurs, and can identify all those involved quicker and easier than ever. With Halo sensors, you can help ensure that all students are safe when they are in the restroom as well as deter future perpetrators who take advantage of vulnerable environments. You can learn more about how HALO sensors stop vaping in school bathrooms here.

LONG has successfully installed anti-vape resources like HALO sensors in bathrooms at numerous K-12 locations and integrated these devices with a LONG-installed security system for faster, better detection. If you're looking to stop vaping in your school bathrooms and keeping your students and staff safe, please contact your local LONG Account Executive or hit the button below!

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