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Replacing HVAC Motors

When working with HVAC equipment, everyone understands that eventually a part may break. When that happens, chances are you will want to replace the part with the exact same one from the same manufacturer. For example, let's say you need replace a motor for a condensing unit, exhaust fan, chiller, or heat pump that may have stopped working. You'll call up LONG PartsPros or visit our website in search of that specific OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) motor. In general, LONG PartsPros always wants to provide the same OEM motor as the replacement, and with access to specialty and legacy parts, we are usually successful. However, sometimes the motor may be out of stock, obsolete, or extremely difficult to obtain. It is an unfortunate event that can happen, but it does not mean you are out of options. Though replacing the broken motor with the same OEM one would be the most ideal, there are generic motors that can work just as well. In the event that the OEM motor is obsolete or out of stock and you need a quick replacement, LONG PartsPros can find you a generic motor in stock so you can get what you need and get it fast.

If you decide to use a generic motor in place of an OEM motor, there is some information you will need to provide to the LONG PartsPros team member to ensure you get exactly what you need:

  • Horsepower
  • Voltage
  • RPM’s
  • Rotation
  • Frame size
  • Shaft diameter and length
  • Efficiency
  • And any other special needs

If you are in need of a replacement OEM motor that is obsolete or unavailable, consider going with a generic one. LONG PartsPros stocks a variety of generic motors that can meet your specific needs, and our team members are always happy to help you figure out what will work best. Many of the motors we stock can be found online at, but we also have access to motors you may not see listed. Call LONG PartsPros at 855-566-4778 for additional options or to help you find the replacement part you need.


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