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Mars Air Curtains Can Help Fight COVID-19

Fight COVID-19 with atmospheric control: barrier-free protection, HEPA filtration, and air circulation.


It has never been more important for building owners and facilities managers to control airborne exposure for all those within the building. The CDC and ASHRAE both agree on higher sanitation standards to make buildings healthier now that airborne transmission of COVID-19 is sufficiently likely. To control airborne exposure, building operations should include:

  • Adequate ventilation and filtration
  • Increased air circulation (as much as possible)
  • HEPA fan/filtration systems to enhance air cleaning
  • Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) as a supplement to help inactivate the virus
  • Well designed, installed, commissioned, and maintained HVAC systems with supplemental filtration and UV

There are three main ways that Mars Air Curtains can help you take charge of sanitation and atmospheric control, and ultimately help fight the virus.

1.  Mars UVC: Pathogen EradicationUV 2

Using a Mars Air Curtain enchanced with UVC may minimize the introduction of viruses and pathogens through the air curtain's internal components and output air flow. The Mars UVC may reduce and/or eradicate TB, Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA and Serratia marcescens, along with SARS-COV (2003) (similar to COVID-19) through continual air exposures. They also:

  • Reduce the biological load within a confined space to provide roomwide protection
  • Destroy biological contaminants passing through the air curtain unit
  • Unit fans and housing realize continuous cleaning to prevent biological growth

2.  Mars HEPAC: Optimal Filtration

HEPACThe CDC recommends (see link above) using HEPA fans/filtration systems to enhance air cleaning, especially in high risk areas. The Mars HEPAC captures 99.97% of microscopic pollutants and particulates (as small as 0.3 microns) and boasts 2-inch pre-filters with MERV-8 rating, allowing you to achieve Mars protection at the door, along with the benefit of small particulate capture.

3.  Air Flow with Mars High/Low Speed Controllers

Air circulation has been shown to be crucial in the fight against COVID-19. Using Mars in a continual low mode can also provide steady air flow even when doors are closed, and Mars has the controllers to make it happen. With different options available, you can get what is best for your building. 

You can buy Mars Air Curtains online at or call us at 855-566-4778 for help with designing the right solution for your unique setting.


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