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KMC Conquest - Introducing a new line of controllers

Conquest is the latest line of BACnet controllers and sensors from KMC.  These controllers are BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratories) listed, and fully programmable with integrated alarming, trending, and scheduling. They have NFC (near-field communication) built in, allowing field configuration with the mobile app, KMC Connect Lite. The following controllers are available as part of the Conquest line:            

BAC-5901 General Purpose Controller – used for air handling units, chillers, boilers, cooling towers, as well as additional HVAC systems such as rooftop units and heat pumps. This controller has 10 inputs, 2 analog and 8 universal, plus 8 universal outputs. The outputs are configurable with the HPO-6700 series cards for devices that cannot be powered from a universal output.  Additional I/O can be provided vi a expansion modules.

 CAN-5901 I/O Expansion Module – used with the BAC-5901 to image 2allow for more inputs and outputs. Each module has 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Up to four modules can be used with the BAC-5901 providing a total of 42 inputs and 40 outputs. Output override boards are also available for these expansion modules. 

 BAC-9300 Unitary Controller – used for air handling units, rooftop units, heat pump units, fan coil units, and unit ventilators. The controller has 8 standard inputs, 2 analog and 6 universal, and 10 total outputs, 6 triac and 4 universal. The BAC-9311 model provides an integrated air pressure sensor input.               

VAV-9000 – used for pressure independent and dependent VAV applications. The VAV controller has 8 total inputs including 1 internal actuator position feedback, 1 air pressure sensor (pressure independent only), 2 analog, and 4 universal inputs. There are 9 total outputs including 2 internal triacs for actuator motor control, 4 external triacs, and 3 universal outputs. 

The Conquest STE-9000 NetSensors are available as temperature control only or in combination with humidity, motion, and CO2 options.  The sensor connects to a controller via a modular jack connection using standard Ethernet cable. There is three-button user interface that provides for viewing and set point adjustment as well as an LCD display that can be configured to show temperature, setpoint, system status, and time.

The Conquest BACnet Router, BAC-5051E, is available for BACnet IP, Ethernet, and MS/TP routing.  The router has embedded HTML webpages for configuration as well as integrated diagnostic tools. 

We sell the full range of KMC Conquest products. If you need help determining the best controller for your requirements, please contact LONG PartsPros at (855) 566-4778 or online at and we will help you determine the best solution for your application.


Celeste Duggan

Celeste is an application engineer with LONG’s engineering group in Colorado. She enjoys sailing, cooking, and tinkering with her home automation system.