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Introducing Single Point Power Panels for VRV Condensing Units

LONG is excited to introduce our newest product offering: Single Point Power Panels (SPPP) with Phase Monitoring. These panels are used for single, multi, or triple module Daikin VRV condensing units.

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Unlike the traditional method where each condensing unit takes its own individual power feed from a main electrical panel, the SPPPs connect power to a single circuit, generating larger MOP/MCA (max overcurrent protection/minimum circuit ampacity) values. Using an SPPP eliminates duplicitous power feeds which includes circuits, wire, conduit, junction boxes, disconnect switches, mounting hardware, and labor while also providing phase monitoring, which protects condensing units from dirty power or power anomalies.

Phase monitoring is extremely important in these units. VRV/F condensing units have inverter boards that control and modify the capacity based on system load and room set points. Because these systems act more like computers that modulate the volume and flow of refrigerant based on load, it’s crucial they are protected from phase imbalance or loss of phase, and they only have a phase tolerance of 2% on any leg of power fed to these systems.

SPPPs also have less scope and labor, as we provide this product along with our condensing units and then they are installed very similar to the traditional method. An electrical contractor will mount and install the equipment using required circuitry to match the new MOP/MCA values. It’s also recommended that the panel be mounted near the condensing unit. Wire whips run from the SPPP to each condensing unit, so if they are mounted close to each other, then the wire whips will be short.

Single Point Power Panels range in size depending on the number of condensing units per VRV system (1, 2, or 3) and voltage requirements (230/3 or 460/3). We have specifications available for all panels upon request. Reach out today for a spec sheet or better protect your VRV systems.

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Geoff is a Sales Engineer in the Littleton, CO HVAC equipment team, specifically focusing on Daikin VRV equipment.