Humidity for HVAC Applications

When we hear the term “humidity” in Colorado, it is usually a welcome term for such a dry place. For an HVAC system, it has a much more complex meaning. Colorado is a relatively unique environment in that we do not tend to have high humidly, and if we do, it is usually for a short period of time. It is generally not something Coloradans tend to be concerned about. However, it is something that we should pay attention to in our HVAC systems. Air that is too dry and air that is too humid are both undesirable, so a balance of the two are what you want to achieve. Here at LONG PartsPros we can help you get set up with the parts you need to achieve a comfortable environment.

High humidity takes much more energy and does not achieve a comfortable environment. Higher humidity is better at holding heat or cold than dry air, but a desirable HVAC system wants to keep these at an optimal level. Think about the difference between 100 degrees in Colorado and 100 degrees in Florida – the temperature is the same, but due to the higher humidity, it can feel hotter, and therefore less comfortable, in Florida.

As Colorado has very dry air to begin with, the issue becomes saturation and high humidity inside a space. A simple exhaust fan or a damper can be enough to draw the humidity out if necessary. LONG PartsPros has a wide variety of exhaust fans, air distribution products, and other parts to help with removing air and humidity from a space if needed. The goal here is to achieve an optimal level of dry air and humid air so the system(s) can run at peak efficiency.

Dry air is less resistant to heating and cooling, and therefore takes less energy to heat or cool. This sounds great on paper but can lead to a very uncomfortable space. Presently, HVAC systems have fantastic technology that can test the air and execute a cycle constantly and at very precise levels. We have the pressure sensors, humidity sensors, and access to all the valves and actuators (among other things) you could want to allow the hardware aspect of your system to maintain peak efficiency and comfort for you. Something as small as a leaking valve or a frayed belt can have detrimental effects on your system. We take pride in helping you maintain your systems for years to come.

With flu season approaching, dry air can be terribly uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. Your dry throat stays dry and your coughs or sneezes can travel much further and with less resistance than in humid air. Commercial buildings tend to have big, powerful systems that work together to keep precise and desired environments maintained. There are ASHRAE standards, laws and regulations, and inspections in place that force owners to build their systems to code. These are great standards to follow to ensure all HVAC systems are built to handle the workload required of them.

With more and more people working from home, the responsibility of having those comfortable environmental systems may fall on us individually. If you are living in a dry air environment, like Colorado, it could be beneficial to use a humidifier in your home. Condair (formerly Nortec) has a fantastic system in place for home humidification at an affordable cost.

The RH2+ residential humidifier from Condair has applications to humidify air straight through the ducts or to run as a traditional space humidifier. Little maintenance is required and it is an efficient system for your home. We keep a stock of these units on hand for your convenience. We also stock a majority of the parts that are needed to maintain or repair it, like the replacement cylinders, drain and fill valves, extra hoses, and replacement kits. We also have access to the commercial application units for your yoga studio, your paint supply store, or your office space, for example. No matter where you want to add or remove humidity, we can help you achieve it.

One of our goals here is to help our guests achieve ‘perfect’ air, and humidity is a huge aspect of that equation. With the help if the LONG PartsPros, we can keep your current system up and running with access to a multitude of replacement parts. We can also help you find a humidifier unit for your home to keep you comfortable, especially in dry climates. Please give us a call at 855-566-4778 to discuss what we can do for you today, or visit our online store at


Ray Gardner

Raymond Gardner is a Part Sales Representative for LONG PartsPros.