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Finding the Best Security Integrator

How do you find the best security integrator in your area? First: know your own priorities. What does “best” mean to you?

Is it:

  1. Partnership? On one hand, some companies are content with being a vendor and simply responding to requests. On the other hand is a partner. The integrator brings their security expertise, the customer brings their unique requirements, and they work together to find the best solution for the site.
  2. A true Value-Added Reseller (VAR)? The “value” added here is certified training and experience in a particular product. This can be hard to achieve when there are multiple products to support. A curated handful of quality products allows for all technicians to renew their certifications every year, meaning that each service technician who responds to your service call is certified and up-to-date on your installed product.
  3. Fastest service? No matter how well systems are installed, service calls happen. Being able to respond nimbly to the ebb and flow of service requests means having a large pool of certified technicians to flex with the changing situations. In addition, remote troubleshooting in advance, followed by dispatch of a service vehicle with in-stock repair parts, leads to a higher one-trip fix rate.
  4. Seamless project execution? Smoothly run projects start with detailed engineering documents, then the baton is passed to experienced project managers.
  5. The most raving customers? This seems obvious, as a company with many customers who are raving fans is a good sign, especially when they are willing to provide their names, emails, and phone numbers to talk to prospective customers.
  6. An array of non-proprietary, open products? Proprietary products require you, as the consumer, to fortune-tell the future of the product/proprietary company for at least the life-cycle of the product, until it is replaced with new. Make certain that you are confident that the proprietary equipment, and its supporting company, will serve you well for at least 10-15 years. Open products allow you to choose another support company, software interface, or both, in the interim.
  7. Most experienced? Every customer installation is unique, and long experience with a product in all manner of situations allows for faster construction projects and more efficient service calls.
  8. Educated & educational? Being knowledgeable of your industry and your goals helps the integrator to inform you of what you should know in order to make an educated decision. Knowledge of the industry through existing customers and educational industry groups brings value to you. 
  9. Lowest price? You could get what you pay for. That said, work with your integrator partner so they understand the financial parameters of your project or service needs.

There may be other aspects that you would use to define "best," but these qualities are what LONG Security Solutions implements in every project. Call us today so you can get the best solutions for your security needs.

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Erica is an account executive for LONG Security Solutions in Washington.