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Dust Collection Solutions from Nederman

If you're looking to prevent issues in your facility and building equipment caused by dust, look no further than Nederman. Nederman provides dust collection systems for a wide range of industries including welding and thermal cutting, wood working, composite machining, metal working, and even large operations such as the processing and energy industries. The Nederman line up ranges from dust collection systems for jobs as small as hand tools with the FlexPAK Solution, all the way up to jobs requiring 300,000 CFM with the MFKZ3000 with SUPERBAG 99% Efficient Filter System with Conveyor Belts.

Designing the correct dust collection system is critical to the success of your projects and building health, and the LONG team is here to support you in all your dust collection needs. You can learn more about Nederman dust collection from our video below.


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Travis Cowan

Travis Cowan is a Senior Sales Engineer for the HVAC Equipment team in Littleton, CO.