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Smart Air Control Valve: Packaged VAV Box

Distech’s Smart Air Control Valve is a packaged variable air volume (VAV) box that controls airflow required for various applications and at a wide range of space occupancy levels. The product uses a breakthrough airflow measurement technology that results in energy efficiency and low EUI (Energy Use Intensity), and superior IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).


  • Offers enhanced airflow accuracy and turndown ratio (100:1) which simplifies engineering design tasks thanks to a more concise selection of models. Air flows as low as 1.5 CFM.
  • Reduces fan energy consumption with a lower minimum airflow capability and more precise airflow delivery across the entire operating range, allowing for a low EUI operation.
  • Full turnkey solution with factory programmed, tested, balanced, and packaged unit that reduces risks and complexity associated with project execution, schedules, and coordination.
  • Easy installation and pre-balanced, which greatly reduces the overall system balancing time.
  • Simplifies new tenant building retrofits with a future-ready design that can adapt to new floor layouts and airflow requirements.
  • Breakthrough airflow measurement technology precisely measures and controls airflow to as low as a few CFM.
  • Delivers advanced demand control ventilation when combining the SAC-V's low airflow capabilities and an optional CO2 sensor.
  • Superior acoustical performance with the capability of a low air velocity operation and optional indoor air quality (IAQ) liner.
  • Available in stainless and galvanized steel as well as several box sizes and shapes for various CFM requirements and multiple air-flow conditions for construction, performance, and quality.

The SAC-V currently comes in 12” duct size, with 8” coming soon. Duct transitions are required to size down to smaller size duct. There is also the option to get a unit with fully installed piping and control valve, which is pressurized from the factory, or a box without piping.

Depending upon the size and weight of the unit, it may be capable of being supported by the ductwork that is connected to it. It’s important to note that no hanger brackets are provided on these units since the unit should be supported by means of a hanger strap. For cooling-only units or units with a hot water coil, the unit may be rotated 180° for opposite side connections. For units with electric heat, the unit must be ordered from the factory designating either right- or left-hand connections.

For engineers and mechanical contractors looking for innovative, packaged air control solutions, look no further than Distech’s Smart Air Control Valve. When you’re ready to get set up with one, LONG is here to help and happy to answer any additional questions. Click the button below to get started.

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Darin is a Senior Account Executive for our Building Automation team in Washington.