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Custom Air Handling Solutions Without the Custom Price Tag

Connor Kocek from MAS HVAC joined one of our Coffee Break webinars to talk about our partnership with them and Daikin, and how, together, we can provide custom air handling solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs – without the custom price tag.

When our customers begin a new project, one of their biggest challenges can be finding the right HVAC system. Different customers have different priorities and different projects have different challenges. Sometimes energy efficiency and the total cost of ownership are most important. Other times, ease of maintenance and reliability are more important. And sometimes the initial project cost or speed to market and lead times are most important.

At LONG, we strive to be solutions providers who tailor our approach to meet our customers where they are. Daikin and MAS HVAC are critical partners in that endeavor.

Daikin is the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer with an incredibly broad product portfolio that ranges from massive centralized equipment like chillers and rooftop units to smaller decentralized systems like fan coils and heat pumps.

MAS HVAC is a third-party AHU modifier that works exclusively with Daikin AHUs. They have a highly talented team of manufacturing, sales, and production engineers and a dedicated production facility in close proximity to Daikin’s manufacturing facilities in Minnesota. They help us take the manufacturing scale of Daikin and then adapt and customize the product from one project to the next, while maintaining the cost and delivery schedule of traditional commercial solutions.

Some of the commercial HVAC solutions LONG can offer with MAS HVAC include:

  • Knockdown construction AHUs – for retrofit projects with challenging space constraints
  • Energy recovery units – utilizing energy wheels, flat plate heat exchangers, heat pipes, and more
  • Direct evaporative cooling
  • Humidification
  • DOAS units that integrate with a VRF systems
  • Custom EC fan arrays
  • Vertical AHUs

Most impressively, we’re able to offer these solutions with an average production lead time between 16-20 weeks.

There are many custom air handling manufacturers in the marketplace today, but most of them come with longer lead times and higher price points. With our partnership with MAS HVAC, we’re changing the game and creating another option for our customers.

To learn directly from Connor, you can view the mini-webinar below:


For questions about MAS HVAC, custom air handling solutions, or other HVAC equipment, reach out to us today.

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Jason Long

Jason Long is a Data Center Sales Engineer for LONG Building Technologies in our Littleton, CO office.