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Condair TE Series Installation at the LONG Utah Office

The LONG Utah office is located in Salt Lake City, so our winter months are extremely dry. As we've learned from Dr. Stephanie Taylor, 40-60% Relative Humidity (RH) is the ideal range to improve indoor air quality as well as significantly reduce the transmission of airborne viruses such as influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid). On particularly cold days, the RH percentages in our location are often below 10%. Although the Condair TE Series humidifier was designed to improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of airborne viruses in K-12 classrooms, we retrofitted a unit in our Sales Bullpen to increase our humidity level to the 40% threshold, as stated in the Healthy Buildings guidelines. The purpose of this humidification upgrade was to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases like COVID and provide our employees a more comfortable working environment.




Condair's TE Series is a ceiling-mounted evaporative humidifier that helps achieve precise humidity in rooms, easily managed with a wall mounted remote controller. It is modular and has an expandable design so you can apply as many units as you need to a room, and is one of the lowest energy consuming humidifiers on the market. And with it's low profile and quiet operation, you can ensure it won't be an eye sore or a nuisance to people within the room.


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The TE Series humidifier accomplished both of our goals at a very small cost! Two of our service technicians installed the unit in approximately 1.5 days over our Sales Bullpen. The installation included dropping threaded rod 15’ to a Unistrut support, as well as running a 24’ supply water line and a condensate line back to a drain. By installing this unit, we have increased our RH level by 15-20% in the space and now meet the 40% threshold on most days. Hopefully we are towards the end of the current pandemic, but we are better protected now and will be more prepared for the next indoor air quality challenge that comes our way!

If you'd also like to better protect your building occupants with a TE Series humidifier, reach out to us today about availability and installation!

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Paul Christiansen

Paul is responsible for mechanical equipment sales in the UT market. He achieved his undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico, followed by a MBA from the American Graduate School of Intl. Mgmt. (Thunderbird) in Glendale, AZ in 2004. Paul began his career with Envirco Corp., promoting HEPA filtration systems for cleanrooms in Asia, and later managed the Krueger organization in the North American Air Distribution market for 6 years. Before joining LONG in January, 2017, Paul led the PennBarry and Lau Sales, Product Development, Engineering, Customer Service and Marketing teams. As General Manager of LONG Utah, Paul will be implementing growth strategies to strengthen LONG’s market position, as well as enhance the group’s portfolio of Mechanical Products in the Intermountain region.