Condair 607 Cylinder Phase-Out

Condair (formerly Nortec) will be phasing out the 607 cylinder in favor of the 605. The 607 cylinder will be effectively phased out by January 14th, 2022.

Products that will be affected include:

  • ES
  • ES Mark 2 (ES MK2)
  • MP
  • NHB
  • NHMC
  • NHP
  • NHPC & NHPC+
  • NHTC & NHTC+

If your humidifier currently uses a 607, this phase-out will not make it obsolete. You can adapt the humidifier with a one-time installation, by a qualified person, of a wiring conversion kit that replaces the lead wires on the humidifier, and it will be permanently converted to accept 605 cylinders.

The reason for the phase-out is due to performance and reliability issues. The 607 cylinder is a "3 pin" cylinder, meaning currents are supplied to the water through 3 electrodes, versus the "6 pin," 6 electrodes on of the 605. Because of this, the 607 has the highest amount of electrical current flow per pin and electrode of any cylinder. This makes the 607 more prone to arcing and foaming, especially in installations that do not have proper steam line installation or are not maintained correctly. The 605 provides the same performance without any of the potential issues, so Condair will only be selling and manufacturing those going forward.

If you have questions about the phase-out, installation, or obtaining a wiring conversion kit, reach out to LONG today.

You can also purchase 605 cylinders 24/7 online at

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