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Cloud-Based Access Control from Open Path

Open Path, a subsidiary of the Motorola Company, manufactures a variety of access control products but none are as unique or beneficial as their cloud-based options.

With Open Path’s cloud-based access control systems, you can gain top level visitor management with an inexpensive and easy to use customer interface. All system administration is fully remote and can be done from anywhere you have internet access. You can issue user credentials by simply sending an email to the user with a link that will connect him or her to the system portal. You can also give permissions, restrictions, and customize user schedules instantaneously. With this product, you are granted unprecedented control over your building’s access points, which makes for a more secure building.

Wave to Unlock

Using the product is just as easy as managing it. The system utilizes Bluetooth technology, so as long as you are connected to the portal and have your mobile device on you, you simply have to wave your hand in front of the reader to gain access! Their Wave to Unlock feature makes it a great solution for healthcare markets with specific wellness requirements, as less contact means more sanitary and clean environments.

Open Path’s system comes in standard size and a mullion mount (narrow) format for readers. This platform also offers a model of proximity readers that contain a video camera, providing a visual confirmation of the entry transaction. Please note that the system does have a Per Door Annual License Fee that is required, and further information on that can be obtained by reaching out.

If you’d like to replace your current access control system with one that is easier to use, creates a touchless environment, and improves your overall building security, reach out to your LONG sales engineer or click the button below!

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*Wave to Unlock image originally from Open Path.


Robert Murray is an Account Executive for our Security Solutions team in Washington.