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BAPI Air Pressure Transmitters

Our partners at BAPI produce a variety of high-quality HVAC/R products, but they can also be used to ensure building automation systems run at peak operation. When it comes to a BAS that requires differential pressure readings, their air pressure transmitters are a valuable tool.

The purpose of air pressure transmitters is to read the pressure difference between two separate locations. Some examples include measuring the pressure drop across a filter, comparing the building pressure to outside air pressure, or reading a duct’s pressure, among other functions. Each transmitter has two ports (one high and one low) made of poly tubing that are connected to the areas intended to be read. It will then calculate the pressure difference between the two ports, resulting in the final differential pressure reading.

The BAPI pressure transmitter has many benefits, including more energy efficient systems, necessary maintenance detection, and improved system control. They can aid in the smooth operation of BAS systems as well as HVAC equipment. For instance, in systems like roof top units with VAVs, knowing the duct pressure is critical to prevent tripping a duct pressure safety as well as allowing the VAVs to run at optimal performance.

BAPI’s line of pressure transmitters include:

  • ZPS (Zone Pressure Sensor) or BAPI-Box Pressure: has ten precision calibrated pressure ranges that a field technician can select, as well as three output ranges.
  • EZ Pressure: has ten field selectable pressure ranges and three output ranges. This allows for flexibility for the field technician to decide what is needed for each application.
  • ZPT Touch Pressure: the logical extension of the ZPS. This product has twenty precision calibrated pressure ranges that are accessible by a touch menu. It also has five output ranges with endpoints that provide a customizable pressure range within the field.
  • Fixed Range Pressure (FRP): marketed for cost-conscious applications with one pressure range and one output range.
  • ZPM Pressure: can be used with no tools, no power, and no small components when setting outputs, ranges, units, and response times.

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When selecting a transmitter, BAPI recommends using a device that has the capacity to read 1.5 – 2 times greater pressure than your desired working pressure. If necessary, BAPI can put custom ranges into a sensor to fit the needs of a system that is designed to run at pressures that are not covered by one of the factory ranges.

BAPI provides instructions for field technicians for installation, which can be found in the packaging as well as on their website. BAPI recommends having field technicians calibrate pressure sensors that monitor critical areas two to three times per year to ensure proper functioning.

LONG’s technicians help service building automation systems and HVAC equipment, and this includes air pressure monitoring and calibration. If you are looking for BAPI air pressure transmitters or help with your BAS and mechanical systems, reach out to us today.

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Ryan is a Controls Tech Supervisor for the Building Automation team in Wyoming.