VYKON is Tridium’s enterprise and integration brand of Building Automation, Energy, and Security products based on Niagara Framework® technology delivered by premiere Systems Distributors serving VYKON System Integrators. These products and channel partners are supported directly by a specialized Tridium sales and support team.

VYKON is guided by three core principles: Open Connectivity. Open Ingenuity. Open Choice. VYKON unleashes the full potential of Tridium’s Niagara Framework® – the world’s leading open integration platform. Our products are designed to be agnostic to the underlying systems, which makes the Vykon brand ideal for expert integrators. Vykon is for you if you are :

  • an independent contractor integrating systems across multiple brands
  • an end-user managing a Niagara network that spans many system types and JACE brands and that involves services from many different independent contractors.
  • an enterprise or institutional client needing high-level integration and data management services.

The power of VYKON’s end-to-end solutions is that they normalize and securely transport critical systems data across the enterprise. From commercial buildings to smart cities, VYKON is changing the way machines communicate with each other – and with you.



Open distribution: The VYKON distribution channel utilizes an Open Distribution Model. VYKON does not assign exclusive territories for VYKON System Integrators. This means that end users are free to buy VYKON products from multiple VSIs in an area.

Open product availability: All VYKON partners have complete access to the entire VYKON product line. The VYKON brand does not limit product by distributor or integrator. Any partner that completes the training and certification requirements can sell and service the complete VYKON building automation, energy, and security product line.

VYKON products are open: VYKON hardware and software products are completely open. All Niagara based products have a Niagara Conformance (NIC) profile. This profile defines which brand or brands of tools, JACES, and Supervisory software can connect to a specific product. The VYKON brand NIC states that ANY branded tool, JACE, or Supervisor can connect to a VYKON product. This means that when you buy a VYKON branded system you can have any VYKON partner expand and support the system. You can also have a service provider of another brand of Niagara-based products support the system as well. No special licenses must be added or changed when deploying a VYKON product.



VYKON has aligned with industry leaders globally to market, install and support products based on the Niagara Framework®. The delivery channel for Niagara-based products exceeds 400 outlets, consisting of global leaders in building automation, energy services and world-class independent system integrators. This translates to sales and support where it matters…locally.


VYKON products are available through a network of VYKON Systems Distributors serving VYKON Systems Integrators across the globe.

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  • Building Automation

Product Types:

  • Analytics
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Integrated Analytics
  • JACE
  • Niagara Framework
  • Software


  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Alaska
  • Oregon
  • Washington