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For the last 27 years, SRP has been an independent manufacturer of highly efficient heating solutions. Our mission is to expand, through the application of sound engineering, quality manufacturing, and customer-attentive marketing. With locations in Canada, the USA, and China, SRP offers state-of-the-art infrared electric heaters, renewable heating products, and a complete range of gas fired low and high-intensity infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential applications to the global marketplace.



SRP is recognized at the forefront of innovative energy solutions, products, and services. The SRP customer experience helps improve productivity for people, animals, and objects through efficient comfort solutions and allows customers to adapt to renewable energy solutions. This is offered through a distribution model that maximizes confidence, service, and education.



We are the global innovation champions in the heating industry, saving energy for future generations.


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  • Gas Infrared Heaters
  • Gas Radiant Heat Technologies
  • Heaters, Heat Exchangers, and Heating Elements


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