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Two Seeley International featured products:

Breezair TBSI 580 – The word’s coolest, quietest and most energy efficient evaporative cooler

The Breezair TBSI 580 is a high performance commercial evaporative cooler designed with a range of benefits at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods. The Breezair TBSI 580 is engineered with a SuperStealth® axial fan and a 950W INVERTAIR™ variable-speed motor, offering maximum control over staff comfort level while operating with far less energy than a standard fan and motor. This model is perfect for storage areas, warehouses, sports facilities, commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants and agricultural facilities.

New this Cooling Season – The Climate Wizard CW3

The Climate Wizard CW3 offers a hyper-efficient indirect/direct evaporative cooler with a compact footprint and cutting-edge Micro-Core™ heat exchange technology. CW3 delivers incredible variable load performance due to its inverter technology fan motor. During conditions where high loads are present in the space, the Climate Wizard CW3 provides full fan speed. When the heat load is low in the space, the Climate Wizard CW3 fan slows down and provides an increased EER up to 68 with input power of only 300W.

The Climate Wizard CW3 greatly reduces energy consumption compared to equivalent standard efficiency air conditioning and provides the added benefit of supplying 100% fresh, filtered air (with no recirculated air) to flush out contaminants, odors, pollens and dust particles that may build up in the building space, increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

This model is designed for domestic and light commercial applications including:

  • Exhaust / make-up air applications such as commercial kitchens / food preparation and laundries
  • Spot cooling above work stations to cool equipment or workers in processing, manufacturing, assembly areas, counter areas or warehouse environments boosting staff productivity, well-being and customer comfort.
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