Macurco Gas Detection provides the widest, most proven range of gas detection solutions that help organizations and users deliver around-the-clock monitoring for deadly atmospheric-gas releases. Macurco Gas Detection’ wirelessly connected systems provide the proven reliability, advanced capabilities and easy operation that security and safety professionals demand. Macurco Gas Detection leads the market with:

  • Product Innovation: Macurco designs and develops its own products and produces and manufactures its fixed and wireless product solutions in the USA.
  • Wireless Integration: Macurco Gas Detection’ equipment collects and transmits data in real-time from a remote location to a centralized location.
  • Versatile Delivery: Macurco’s easily-deployable fixed, semi-fixed, and portable monitors placed in sensitive areas will collect and/or collect and transmit sensor information to a central location.
  • Proven Detection: Macurco Gas Detection has been involved in gas detection for more than 45 years. Macurco monitors are used in: industrial settings, at upstream and downstream Oil & Gas locations, rendering, cold storage, beverage plants and beverage dispensing, large buildings and parking structures, large mall HVAC facilities, and in homes and businesses worldwide.
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